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This version of Computer CHESS doesn't 
claim to be the ultimate challenge for World 
Masters... it is, however, a medium level 
game, a considerable challenge for those of 
us that play chess for fun, or those that wish 
to improve their chess game. It is not 
designed to teach chess. 

There are eight SKILL LEVELS, levels 1-7 
getting increasingly difficult, whilst level 8 is 
the beginners level. As each level gets 
harder, the longer the computer MAY take to 
make its move - Level 8 is approximately 15 
seconds maximum, Level 1 30 seconds 
through to Level 7, which may be up to 10 
hours (Just like a Grand Chess Masters 
Tournament!). You play one colour, the 
computer plays the other. 


1. Set up your Atari Personal Computer 
system as detailed in the relevant booklets 
that accompany your Atari products. 

2. Ensure that your computer is switched 
OFF, but your Program/Data Recorder and 
TV/monitor are switched ON. Increase the 
volume on your TV/monitor so that you can 
hear it. 

3. Remove any cartridges that may be in 
the computer's cartridge slot. 

4. Plug your joystick controller into con- 
troller port No. 1 on your computer. 

5. Insert 'Chess' cassette into Program/ 
data recorder and rewind to beginning of 
tape. Press PLAY on the Program/Data 

6. Switch the computer ON, WHILST 
AND THE OPTION KEY on the computer. 

7. You will hear a short tone. Release the 
START and OPTION keys, then press the 
RETURN key on the computer keyboard. 

8. The 'Chess' program will now load into 
the computer memory. 


Press the OPTION key and the pieces switch 
ends of the board. Your colour pieces are at 

the bottom of the board. White pieces always 
make the first move. 

Press the SELECT key to alter the skill level 
you are playing at. 

Press the START key and the game begins. 

A blue square (the cursor) appears upon the 
screen when it is your move. Use the joystick 
controller to place the cursor on the piece 
you wish to move. Press the joystick button, 
and your chosen piece will flash. Using the 
joystick, you may now move the piece to any 
square, providing the move is legal. To put 
the piece down, press the joystick button 
again. The computer then thinks about what 
you have done and makes its move. When 
complete, the cursor reappears, and you 
make your next move. 

Pressing the S key will allow you to set the 
board up in a particular situation or problem. 
Move the cursor to the square where you 
wish to place a particular piece. Each time 
you press the joystick button the computer 
displays a different piece on that square, 
starting with the computer's king and cycling 
through until the players pawn. When the 
piece you require is displayed, simply move 
the cursor to the next square on which you 
require a piece, and repeat the steps. When 
the board is set up and you wish to play, 
press the space bar to begin. You must 
always make the first move.